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3D Moon Lamp | LED


This life-like night scene has been made to look like the moon with craters and rocks to simulate the surface of the moon.  In addition, the moon will also send a soft white light, really looks like a moonlight (as the name suggests).

- Unique design, high quality
- Adds some warm atmosphere at home
- Energy saving and environmental protection
- Good items in everyday life
- NiteCore Extreme, press until the brightness is right for you


  • New LED light source, built-in rechargeable battery, touch switch, Promise dimming, two-color switch, support USB power supply
  • Light color: yellow and white color switch
  • Processing technology: FDM-3D printing one molding
  • Life time: 6H-12H
  • Product material: edible grade degradable PLA
  • Product color: ivory white
  • Charging time; 3 hours
  • Light source: LED
  • Charging type: USB